What is roller glaze?
What is roller glaze?x_white
If the rollers look shiny and have a glassy feel to them, they are glazed. When rollers are glazed, the “fingers” in the rubber surface do not transfer ink effectively, which means you will need to run more ink and more water on the press to achieve the required ink densities. Higher levels of ink and water will result in dot gain, mottled solids, hickies, ink drying problems, reduced quality, and most likely, increases in your spoilage or unplanned waste.
Glaze is caused by the buildup of particles in the nap of the roller surface. See the Anatomy of a Roller for a detailed explanation and some great microscopic close-ups of roller nap.
One step in fighting glaze is proper cleaning. See Roller Cleaning for advice on the best technique.
But the first step is to use Böttcher’s glaze-free rollers. These rollers run much longer than conventional rollers without developing glaze, and they’re easier to clean.