What problems can rollers cause?
What problems can rollers cause?x_white
A worn out roller, a roller with damaged bearings, rollers set with too much pressure or, a roller that has not been properly cleaned, can cause:
- color inconsistency
- poor solids, or mottling
- streaks
- dirty print
- excessive dot gain
Besides the obvious costs of poor print quality, including wasted paper and ink, bad or poorly maintained rollers can cause excessive press downtime, increased running costs, and shorter roller life.
Many times the problems caused by bad rollers are blamed on other factors. Or worse, pressmen accept them as inevitable and “learn to live with it” by making frequent adjustments, using extra ink or fountain solution, or throwing out a lot of spoiled paper. The good news is that using the proper rollers, and using them correctly, can eliminate many of these problems. When a press is fitted with high-quality rollers, and the rollers are properly set, cleaned and maintained, they can give months, even years of trouble-free printing and superior print results. You will notice, too, that you use less ink and fountain solution, less energy to run the presses, and waste less paper. And, the rollers may last two or three times longer.