Smile Makeovers

Are you ready to experience the ultimate in cosmetic dentistry? A complete smile makeover can transform the way you look and the way others look at you! Dr. Arthur Gulesserian has performed complete smile makeovers in Burbank for more than ten years now, helping hundreds of patients achieve the smile of their dreams.

Your smile makeover consultation will begin with smile design. Dr. Gulesserian will take measurements of your existing teeth, facial structure, and even the tilt of your eyes. He will carefully listen to your expectations and make notes of your skin tone and jaw angle. In addition, he will take photos of your existing dentition with intraoral cameras, and after a little digital magic, Voilà!, you can preview the new you on our chairside monitors. Your smile makeover may require veneers, whitening, white restorations, cosmetic bonding and contouring, or other procedures.

If a smile makeover is in your future, call Dr. Gulesserian at our Burbank office today for a consultation. Your self-confidence and sophisticated image deserve it! We treat patients throughout the Los Angeles and Hollywood areas, delivering spectacular smiles to California residents.