Your First Visit

Did you know that millions of Americans put off essential dental care every year? Optimal oral health is directly linked to physical health, yet many people avoid regular dental checkups. As a general and cosmetic dentist, Dr. Gulesserian makes sure that his patients understand the association between oral health and overall health. In fact, his commitment to his patients is so strong that he does something extraordinary.

While many patients don’t even see their dentist until their second visit, or at least until after a cleaning and preliminary exam by a hygienist, you can expect Dr. Gulesserian to perform both your first exam and your cleaning in one visit, unless you need periodontal therapy, which requires more time.

Using digital X-rays and our intraoral cameras, Dr. Gulesserian will get a clear view of the interior of your mouth. You can review the photos of his findings on our convenient chairside monitors. After your thorough teeth cleaning, the two of you will discuss a treatment plan to meet your oral health goals and budget.

Call our office today and experience the difference that personalized attention from Dr. Gulesserian can make. Conveniently located in Burbank, we serve surrounding communities, including Glendale, Beverly Hills, and Hollywood.